Sustainable Climate Solutions

Designing & implementing nature-based solutions on a global scale

Driving Private-Sector Action on Climate Change

PUR is a global leader in nature-based solutions (NbS), implementing projects directly within the value chain of major companies. By partnering on long-term programs — including agroforestry, land preservation, and regenerative agriculture — we are empowering farmers and local communities to adopt more sustainable practices.


We can help your company achieve its sustainable development goals

Agroforestry & Reforestation

Forest Conservation

Regenerative Agriculture

Community Benefit Activities

Coastal & Marine Restoration

What We Do

Founded in 2008, PUR develops projects within our clients’ value chains to regenerate landscapes and protect vital ecosystems. By implementing nature-based solutions (NBS), we help companies reduce their environmental footprint while increasing the resilience of supply chains to climate change.


PUR creates long-term impact by restoring key ecosystem services, while scaling up sustainable practices to support future generations of farmers.

Regenerative agriculture gives producers the tools to take action and be part of a larger solution to the climate crisis — enhancing soil health, increasing biodiversity, and building resilience to major ecological issues like flooding and drought.

About Us

Employing over 190 team members, we work closely with our clients to design and implement nature-based solutions — which are uniquely curated to fit the needs of local partners and sourcing communities.