An opportunity to invest in global climate solutions

Nature-Based Solutions

By implementing nature-based programs linked to global supply chains, PUR supports our clients in sequestering carbon — which helps to restore ecosystems, build supply chain resilience, and enhance local livelihoods.

Forestry, Land-Use and Agriculture

Representing roughly 24% of global annual emissions, the Forestry, Land Use and Agriculture (FLAG) sector is one of the largest contributors to climate change. It is also unique, as it represents one of the most significant opportunities to mitigate further emissions, while also actively drawing down carbon from the atmosphere.

As a leader in nature-based solutions, PUR is implementing projects across agricultural and marine landscapes in the FLAG sector — helping limit global warming to 1.5°C by enhancing carbon sinks across 6 continents.

Creating Nature-Based Removals

PUR has been driving private-sector action on climate change through supply chain-linked interventions since 2008.

We work closely with farming communities to create carbon removals across agricultural landscapes worldwide — which has significant potential to help address climate change, but has historically received insufficient funding and attention.

Carbon Within Value Chain

By developing nature-based solutions directly within the value chain of companies, our insetting projects produce carbon assets that can be used to meet Scope 3 emissions or Net-Zero goals.

Particularly for companies with science-based emissions targets in the Food & Beverage and Textile & Apparel sectors, on-farm carbon removals will be crucial for successfully addressing your GHG footprint.

Carbon Beyond Value Chain

For companies investing outside of their value chain, PUR provides unique offsetting opportunities that produce carbon assets with a high number of social and environmental co-benefits.

Not all carbon credits are created equal. PUR differentiates itself from the market by working directly with global agricultural communities, collaborating to restore the ecosystem services that underpin production and support their livelihoods.

"PUR is a pioneer in the development of Nature-Based Solutions in the form of insetting. This breakthrough approach generates multiple benefits for a company and the ecosystems it depends on. It works to transform climate action from a niche activity to an industry-standard."

Tristan Lecomte


At PUR, we empower companies to take responsibility for the impacts of their supply chains — implementing innovative agricultural programs that achieve ambitious ecological goals.