Community Benefit Activities

Improving the livelihoods of agricultural communities

Community benefit activities target the needs of local producer communities holistically — providing them with the means to support sustainable nature-based projects, while actively contributing to their personal and family well-being.

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Carbon Equity

As carbon credits rise in price over time, it is important to recognize the contributions of local communities to their market value — as farmers and producers have invested significant time and resources into the carbon sequestration process.

To properly compensate producers, we have introduced the concept of “Carbon Equity” — where participating communities benefit from future price increases of carbon assets through additional investments into livelihood improvements.

Engaging Local Communities

PUR has a multifaceted approach to addressing livelihoods. Key gaps are identified during our feasibility studies, and ranked according to the risk they pose on the implementation of nature-based activities. Through these insights, the project is developed to improve local livelihoods and minimize the challenges to achieving long-term impacts.

Entrepreneurship & Social Empowerment

The empowerment of local communities is essential for the success of nature-based solutions. PUR develops projects that collaborate with communities to align with their needs — prioritizing the autonomy, rights, and well-being of marginalized persons.

Women watering seedlings in a nursery

Community Nurseries

Installing community nurseries that create local business development opportunities, while also increasing autonomy and strengthening the quality of seedlings for reforestation programs.

Improved Cookstoves

Supporting Women

Supporting women entrepreneurs in Ghana to sell clean cookstoves, which improve air quality, reduce demand for fuel wood, and amplify income for women.


Agroforestry & Reforestation

Regenerative Agriculture

Forest Conservation

Coastal & Marine Restoration