Minas Gerais, Brazil

Supporting farmers and landowners in reforesting the banks of the Sao Francisco River.

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About Brazil

The Nordesta project has supported farmers and landowners since 2013 to reforest the banks of the Sao Francisco River and surrounding degraded areas.


Over the last few decades, the Minas Gerais region of Brazil has been affected by intense soil exploitation primarily due to unsustainable mining and extensive cattle raising.

By planting native tree species, PUR seeks to address watershed health, reduce land erosion, stabilize soil and river banks, and create biodiversity habitats and ecological corridors. The project also supports farmers in complying with local regulations that recommend protecting lands close to water sources.

Community Benefits

Participating farmers are trained and encouraged to use more sustainable agricultural practices on their parcels, especially in preserving waterways, watershed quantity and quality.

Educational activities are also implemented with school groups to raise awareness about trees and watersheds with students and youth. For instance, environmental awareness sessions followed by tree nursery visits are provided.