Olancho, Honduras

Supporting local farmers in the transition from cattle breeding to organic cocoa farming.

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About Olancho

The project in Olancho, Honduras has been developed in partnership with cocoa producers from the Aprosacao cooperative, supporting their transition from traditional cattle breeding to organic cocoa farming.


Since 2012, this project has been creating long-term sustainability for farmers who are planting trees within their parcels. In Honduras, farmers are producing organic cocoa using agroforestry and switching their cattle system to silvopasture models.

Tree Nursery

We have supported the Aprosacao Cooperative in the development of a tree nursery, enabling the project to achieve the production goal and quality standards established by PUR.

Silvopasture Model

A silvopasture pilot was carried out with 10 different cattle farmers associated with the Aprosacao Cooperative.

"The project allows us to correct the environmental mistakes we made in the past."

Isabel Arias Rubi, Honduras

"It's nice to see how the wild animals came back to the areas we've planted."

Alvaro Ventura