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Impact Report | 2023

Transforming global commodity supply chains

“PUR’s core mission is to transform global commodity supply chains, evolving the ways that we grow our food and interact with the environment and farming communities.”

—Alexandre Schouler (Managing Director, PUR)

2023 was a dynamic year for nature-based investments from corporations. This past year, PUR has helped many corporations shift from singular ‘one-off’ project engagements to global transformations of their value chain.

Moving forward, companies must continually adapt to new, more stringent standards of environmental excellence—achieving multiple benefits to their operations, the communities they source from, and the ecosystems they fundamentally depend upon.

What Does This Mean for Companies?

Successful nature-based solutions (NbS) require significant time and investment. To build truly resilient supply chains, we need companies to spearhead more widespread systemic change—such as procurement strategies that account for climate change by leveraging NbS projects. This approach can stabilize crops as environmental conditions change over time, while also actively reducing scope 3 emissions across corporate supply chains.

PUR Can Help

We are an impact company regenerating ecosystems within corporate value chains and beyond. We specialize in advancing our clients’ climate strategies, while building resilient supply chains through strong local partnerships.

PUR is developing its nature-based strategies to meet the top global standards of the future, including:

  • Scaling up support for biodiversity
  • Developing innovative data platforms
  • Supporting local livelihoods to enhance our farmer-centric approach
  • Evolving our adaptive management practices to address climate change

Read PUR’s 2023 Annual Impact Report to see our high-impact interventions—including agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, reforestation, forest conservation, and marine restoration.


Mar 12, 2024


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