One with Nature

Reconnecting companies with the ecosystems they depend upon

PUR is a leader in nature-based development, helping companies to reduce their carbon emissions within their supply chain through “insetting.” These projects aim to regenerate and preserve ecosystems and support local farming communities.

Our Work in the Field

Mangroves Provide Habitats for Over 1,500 Species

Mangroves are one of the most unique trees on the planet, achieving incredible social and environmental impact. Beyond carbon sequestration, their presence supports the well-being of many organisms, including humans, plants, and animals.

Regenerating Forest Ecosystems

In France, PUR develops forestry projects to improve the regeneration of forest ecosystems, and reinforce natural carbon sinks on a regional scale.


How we can help you achieve ambitious sustainable development goals

Agroforestry & Reforestation

Forest Conservation

Regenerative Agriculture

Community Benefit Activities

Coastal & Marine Restoration



To limit global warming to 1.5°C, PUR helps companies achieve ambitious carbon commitments and net-zero goals by implementing nature-based solutions — including agroforestry, regenerative agriculture and marine restoration.

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Nature-based solutions provide the opportunity to protect and promote biodiversity in agricultural landscapes — actively preserving environmental resources that support the resilience of ecosystems worldwide.

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Watershed health is essential to the well-being of global communities. The restoration of local ecosystems through regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and reforestation helps protect water quality and quantity, while also mitigating the most severe impacts of drought and flooding.

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Soil is one of our most crucial resources, providing the foundation of agricultural productivity while actively storing carbon. PUR’s regenerative agriculture and agroforestry initiatives actively protect existing soil resources, while promoting improvements in soil carbon, nutrients, and water-holding capacity over time.

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Communities are at the centre of all nature-based solutions. To support the improvement of local livelihoods, PUR provides farmers with opportunities to create more resilient and diverse incomes, build technical expertise, and grow through empowerment.

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