Agroforestry & Reforestation

Fundamental to our future

Forests are vital to our planet. Trees support the livelihoods of billions of people and animals worldwide — providing habitats for biodiverse organisms, improving the health of regional microclimates, and protecting us against natural shocks like floods and droughts.

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At the interface of humans and the forest is agroforestry. By planting trees alongside crops and livestock, agroforestry contributes to the livelihood of local farmers while balancing global ecosystems — preserving key water sources, maintaining high-quality soils, and removing excess carbon from the atmosphere.

Increasing Tree Cover

By increasing tree cover on just 10% of agricultural land, we can sequester 3.3 billion tCO2e per year. This is equivalent to 20% of annual emissions from the global food sector.

Tree cover also increases crop resilience, improves biodiversity, and helps control pests — creating significant long-term benefits for local farmers and ecosystems.

Combating Deforestation

In the last 100 years, humans have cut down over 1 billion hectares of global forests — a vast area as large as the United States.

Agricultural and livestock expansion accounts for 90% of this loss, driven by the search for more fertile lands by both large-scale producers and smallholder farmers.

Reforestation and agroforestry helps regenerate these depleted ecosystems, while also making agricultural production more sustainable.

Promoting Ecosystem Services

Forests are essential for the resilience of “ecosystem services,” which maintain the natural resources that benefit humans and enhance social well-being.

By planting trees across deforested regions, we can restore our most vital ecosystems — promoting sustainable agricultural practices, while also generating new opportunities for local communities.

Supporting Local Livelihoods

Successful agroforestry accomplishes more than just mitigating climate change and revitalizing the natural environment.

It actively improves the livelihood of farmers by providing increased resilience for crop production, as well as generating opportunities for diversifying revenue streams.

For instance, by planting several valuable tree species on site, we can improve the long-term prosperity of farmers through the production of fruits and timber for sustainable harvesting.

Driving Innovation & Value

PUR is proud to partner with global businesses to implement high-density reforestation projects.

We are also leaders in agroforestry innovation — maximizing benefits for farmers and local communities through carbon sequestration and the enhancement of ecosystem services.


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