Fulfilling foundational community needs

Community Well-Being

To achieve security and fulfillment in life, people must have access to fundamental resources and services — improving their livelihoods through education, health care, social networks, food security, and economic stability.

Harmony With Nature

To support their livelihood, small-scale farmers are highly motivated to increase crop yields with all available resources, regardless of environmental impact.

That’s why PUR generates opportunities for agricultural communities to achieve the necessities of life, while raising awareness of the long-term benefits of restoring ecosystems for future generations.

Supporting Local Communities

Access to adequate resources, education, and income is a challenge for global agricultural producers — particularly smallholder farmers in tropical regions.

For instance, even though more than 60% of global cocoa is produced in Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana, 70–90% of producers earn wages below a living income.

By working with smallholder farmers on agroforestry and regenerative agriculture projects, PUR improves their livelihood by diversifying income streams, while also enhancing the resilience of commodity supply chains.

The Future of Livelihoods

Producers are at the centre of all PUR’s activities. It is essential that our initiatives support the livelihoods of agricultural workers, if we are to address global needs for the future.

We design projects that provide value to farmers through the environmental assets produced by insetting, such as carbon credits. By aligning our nature-based solutions with livelihood improvements, we generate long-term benefits for agricultural communities while also restoring local ecosystems.


At PUR, we empower companies to take responsibility for the impacts of their supply chains — implementing innovative agricultural programs that achieve ambitious ecological goals.