Design & Implementation

Driving change in the field

Passionate Project Developers

PUR is first and foremost a project developer. By designing and implementing projects with corporate clients and agricultural communities, we reframe how people interact with nature to drive key environmental and social impacts.

Leaders in Nature-Based Solutions

PUR is a global leader in supply chain-linked interventions associated with insetting.

We are experts at advising companies on how to prioritize nature-based solutions, set targets for high-impact outcomes, and evaluate their outputs.

For each project, we create comprehensive plans that incorporate the long-term needs of farmers — ensuring that they receive ongoing benefits from implementing sustainable practices.

Identifying Opportunities & Challenges

Corporate supply chains are incredibly complex, requiring dynamic and strategic thinking when accommodating new nature-based investments. Additionally, the Paris Agreement on climate change has inspired the development of ambitious standards for insetting projects — including the GHG Protocol, Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and Net Zero Investment Framework.

PUR works with our partners to identify the best opportunities to evolve operations and implement nature-based solutions within supply chains. We review potential projects that align with their long-term goals, helping develop custom strategies to drive impact for their carbon, biodiversity, and livelihood commitments across multiple commodities and geographies.

Assessing In-Field Potential

To assess the feasibility of each new insetting project, PUR leverages its team of technical experts, field specialists, and unique portfolio of tools. While addressing key safeguarding principles, our assessments form the basis for robust strategic decision-making by our partners, while building the foundation for impactful projects within their supply shed.

Driving Change in the Field

Our team directly manages projects in partnership with local producer communities, experts, and technicians.