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Making the future more sustainable by regenerating vital ecosystems and empowering local communities.


Dedicated to planting 10 million trees in agroforestry projects across its supply chain, while partnering with coffee farmers around the...


Enhancing cocoa production by protecting forests, restoring ecosystems, regenerating soil, and supporting local...

Why Clients Work with PUR

We enable companies to take responsibility for the impacts of their supply chains — implementing innovative agricultural programs in collaboration with farmers and local partners.

About Us

PUR was established in 2008, when founder Tristan Lecomte began working with small-scale farmers in Africa, Asia, and South America — designing insetting projects and planting trees to restore water and soil health, increase biodiversity and crop resilience, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

What We Do

PUR helps companies achieve ambitious sustainable development goals through “insetting” — an approach that enables our clients to make investments within their supply chain to protect and restore global ecosystems.

Working with partners and local communities, PUR implements long-term insetting projects in over 30 countries, using sophisticated technology to monitor and evaluate the impact of nature-based solutions including agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, and marine conservation.

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At PUR, you’re not just working for an employer — you’re joining a team that is driven to create environmental and social impact worldwide.