Reforestation of vital mangroves in the Aceh and North Sumatra regions of Indonesia

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Indonesia is home to over 20% of the world’s mangroves, which are key contributors to environmental health — providing natural habitats for local species, while sequestering three to four times the amount of carbon as other land forests.

The Risks of Deforestation

In the last 30 years, roughly 40% of Indonesia’s mangroves have been removed to expand the production of shrimp and fish aquaculture — which accelerates the loss of biodiversity and increases vulnerability to extreme weather events, including tsunamis.

The destruction of mangroves also diminishes the local fish population by wiping out their habitats, removing the main source of income and food for coastal communities.

Carbon Credits

ClimeCo is funding the reforestation of over 1,100 hectares of mangroves by selling the resulting Verified Carbon Units, certified by Verra. This project will be implemented in partnership with YAKOPI, a non-profit in Indonesia dedicated to restoring and protecting coastal ecosystems.


This project supports long-term livelihood improvements for coastal communities, including gender-equitable employment, ecosystem services that generate income, and ecotourism business development.

We are also launching a pilot program for silvofishery — a form of production that plants mangrove trees alongside aquaculture canals, restoring ecosystems while enabling locals to sustainably harvest shrimp and fish.


The project supports sustainable economic activities such as silvofishery — a unique aquacultural system that enables shrimp farmers to secure their livelihoods, while also preserving the ecosystem.


By involving local communities, the silvofishery project will empower women and youth through work in mangrove nurseries, ecotourism businesses, and technical support.

“The improved livelihoods of the local communities and the long-term success of this mangrove reforestation project are interdependent. With the support of our partnerships, this project has all the right elements to achieve both of these goals.”

– David Chen, Senior Manager of Nature-Based Solutions, ClimeCo