Central Alberta, Canada

Increasing wildlife habitats and biodiversity, while generating livelihood benefits for local farmers.

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About Central Alberta

Since 2018, PUR has partnered with Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society (AWES) to implement and monitor tree-planting projects in Alberta.


An eco-buffer in Clive, Alberta was implemented in 2018 to protect the fields and cattle from strong winds in the area.

At a site visit in 2022, PUR recorded an incredible 91% tree survival rate, which was achieved due to the landowner’s commitment to our long-term monitoring protocol. The trees and shrubs on the farm are healthy and growing at an excellent rate.

Tree Species

19 different species were planted at the Clive site in 2018, including: saskatoon, white birch, black spruce, buffaloberry, prickly rose, sandbar willow, and lodgepole pine.


A strategy for reducing soil erosion and protecting crops from strong winds and storms, which involves planting one or more rows of trees alongside an agricultural area as a natural barrier.


On a conventional farm located in Morinville, Alberta, the owners decided to incorporate two eco-buffers around their farm in 2022.

The main purpose of the first eco-buffer is to catch snow in the winter and reduce its accumulation on the road. The second eco-buffer will help reduce soil erosion and increase habitat connectivity in the area.


In 2022, an eco-buffer was established on the northern border of a farm in Calmar, Alberta, aiming to protect fields and raspberry greenhouses from the prevalent strong winds of the area. The eco-buffer will also help to increase habitat connectivity in the area.

"We wanted to produce very good quality and use natural and organic methods of production, so an eco-buffer just made sense."

Calmar, Alberta

"We look forward to watching these trees grow and help with our drifting issues in the future."

Morinville, Alberta