Supporting small-holder coffee farmers to adapt to the effects of climate change.

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About Guatemala

Since 2014, PUR has been implementing agroforestry projects in Guatemala and improving the technical skills of farmers, which is critical for properly managing agroforestry systems in coffee production.


The Pintze project consists of adopting sustainable practices in coffee farms to reduce soil erosion and maintain the long-term health of agricultural lands.

Since 2014, PUR has planted 620,000 trees and restored 941 hectares in partnership with 1,340 farmers — selecting 32 different species to increase local biodiversity.


Since 2015, PUR has supported farmers in testing organic options to control “Hypsipyla grandella” — the main pest for cedar and mahogany trees. In 2023, the project established robust pest mitigation techniques to be shared with other local farms.

In 2022, PUR repeated its successful educational workshops for teenagers from the region, continuing to introduce local youth to agroforestry and nature conservation.

Since 2015, 665,000 trees have been planted and 1,142 hectares restored in partnership with 1,308 farmers — selecting 43 different species to increase local biodiversity.

Comal Orgánico

In 2022, this project was scaled up to support the growth of existing programs and the implementation of new agroforestry systems. PUR delivered 23,000 trees to participating farmers in 2022 — increasing the overall amount by 50% in comparison with 2021.

Since 2018, 61,730 trees have been planted with 73.5 hectares restored in partnership with 235 farmers.

San Marcos

In 2022, 20,000 trees were delivered to 13 farmers in San Marcos. This is PUR's first Robusta coffee agroforestry project in Guatemala.

Tree Nurseries

A tree nursery was developed in collaboration with Grettel Tello, one of the local forestry technicians. This nursery aims to provide seedlings of local species to farms for ongoing and new agroforestry projects.

Youth Education

Students from the El Durazno School (Jalapa) learn how to measure a tree.

"Since 2018, I have been able to harvest 800 avocados from the trees we planted with PUR."

Hector Alfredo Lopez Jimenez, Guatemala

"I like to plant trees for the benefit that my children and grandchildren will have."

Manuel Gómez Marcos, Guatemala

"Reforestation is very difficult because no one produces trees in this area. Before the project, no one saw the benefits of trees."

María Ramírez Cinto, Guatemala