Liming, China

Implementing long-term agroforestry practices within the cultivation of traditional medicinal plants.

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About Liming

The mountainous and remote region of Yunnan faces several challenges, including unsustainable agricultural practices, rural migration, and extreme climate events that impact the lives of local villagers.


Established in 2012, the Liming Project in Yunnan, China, improves the resilience of small-scale farmers against land erosion. It consists of implementing long-term agroforestry practices, which are complemented by the cultivation of traditional medicinal plants.

It also seeks to address the livelihood needs of local communities, while helping them adapt to climate change by regenerating degraded soils, addressing drought and flood risks, and protecting the habitats of local wildlife.

Tree Species Development

Located in the Yulong Mountain area, the Liming Project has been home to a wide diversity of wild species. Research shows there are 47 families, 86 generations, and 103 species of plants in this area, including trees such as Lijiang Spruce, Armand Pine, Pentagonal Maple,
Glossy Privet, and more — all of which can be used as part of the agroforestry model of this project.

In 2022, the project team collected wild tree species in the winter and bred them in the nursery. These saplings will be used for plantation in 2023 to increase local resources.

Cover Cropping

Implementation of cover cropping was repeated this year to preserve local soil quality. Several fruit trees — including Cherry and Chinese Plum — were planted on parcels in addition to other successful cover crops, including peas.

Tree Distribution

Distribution of saplings takes place before communities plant.

Tree Planting

Farmers planting their recently distributed saplings.


Socialization and training takes place regularly for farmers.

"I believe that these economic trees can bring me more benefits when they grow up to replace those conventional crops."

XIONG Jun, LM, Yunnan

"It is a pleasure to provide saplings to this reforestation project, which is a meaningful activity to plant more trees for the local livelihood."

Nursery, Lashihai, Yunnan