Monitoring & Reporting

Valuing the outputs and outcomes of our projects

Evaluating Impact

Robust data is fundamental to any sustainability claim — enabling the management and certification of long-term impact programs through monitoring and reporting.

Measuring Local Outcomes

Working with over 150 companies across 30 countries, PUR has developed proven techniques in the monitoring and evaluation of supply chain interventions to address our clients’ diverse and long-term reporting needs.

These techniques are aligned with international best practices and can support certification through accurate evaluations of impacts on carbon, biodiversity, water, and livelihoods.

Data Collection

PUR has created a comprehensive approach to data collection in collaboration with local partners — including in-field site visits, tablet-based software, remote sensing tools, and impact analytics.

This strategy aligns with the top reporting standards for global KPIs, while remaining flexible to adapt to new protocols in the industry.

Certification & Standards

Projects developed by PUR have the capacity to be verified or certified by industry-leading standards for carbon, water, biodiversity, and livelihoods.

Extensive Research

PUR partners with international academic institutions, key research organizations, and local communities on bespoke research programs — gathering essential data to accelerate progress on nature-based solutions in the agricultural landscape.

Our innovative research targets specific outcomes and results for agroforestry and regenerative agriculture projects related to yield, growing conditions, impact improvement, and livelihoods.

Driving Change in the Field

Our team directly manages projects in partnership with local producer communities, experts, and technicians.