Amplifying the impact of nature-based solutions

Leveraging Key Data

Technology unlocks the long-term potential of nature-based solutions — enabling companies to collect key data that supports the evaluation and certification of insetting activities.

Informed Design & Adaptive Management

PUR leverages data collection and advanced software tools to facilitate the design and implementation of our global projects.

This technology also allows us to offer adaptive in-field management, continually improving policies and practices by learning from the outcomes of successful insetting initiatives.

Demonstrating Impact at Scale

PUR’s nature-based projects cover over 400,000 hectares in more than 30 countries.

We work closely with our partners to increase the power of remote sensing, in-field data collection tools, data informatics, and business intelligence — expanding the impact of monitoring and reporting, while also reducing the cost.

Predictive Analytics & Intervention Design

With our partners, PUR maintains a set of tools that support the effective implementation of nature-based solutions. By designing insetting interventions that incorporate predictive analytics, our project leads are able to amplify our impact on carbon, water, biodiversity, and livelihood.

Remote Sensing

The use of advanced satellite and drone technologies provides our team with the ability to collect valuable environmental data from landscapes and parcels, using cost-effective and resource-efficient methods.

This data is used to inform biomass and carbon inventories over time, at a greater frequency than in-field analysis can achieve alone. This ensures that PUR has a more granular understanding of annual ecosystem status, and can quickly identify any risks to long-term performance.

In-Field Data Collection

Our field teams collect data using several digital tools that help standardize the process for collecting GIS, performance, and producer data.

Through dynamic software applications, our teams are able to efficiently record output performance such as: in-field measurements of tree survival, the specific GIS boundaries of a farm, and survey data that contextualizes project performance for further analysis.

Driving Change in the Field

Our team directly manages projects in partnership with local producer communities, experts, and technicians.