Kopi Lestari, Indonesia

Addressing erosion and loss of soil fertility to ensure optimal production of coffee, regulating microclimatic conditions and improving farmers' self-sufficiency.

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About Kopi Lestari

Established in 2013, this project supports small-scale coffee farmers producing arabica coffee in Aceh and robusta coffee in Lampung.


Farmers in these regions face land erosion and decreased coffee yields due to a history of unsustainable monocropping, which has degraded the land and reduced their socio-economic opportunities.

PUR's Role

In Aceh and Lampung, PUR designs and implements agroforestry activities, seeking to address erosion and the loss of soil fertility, while also ensuring optimal production of coffee by regulating microclimatic conditions and improving farmers’ self-sufficiency.

Improving Farmers' Knowledge

Regular environmental training is delivered to improve farmers’ knowledge of agroforestry. This training covers the benefits of trees in coffee-producing landscapes, planting models and tree species, tree planting techniques, and tree maintenance.


Timber and fruit tree seedlings are provided to participating farmers.


Farmer communities gather to learn the importance and benefits of agroforestry so that they can eventually join the program.

Technical Assistance

Fruit Tree Benefits

"When I first heard about this program, I was very interested because we really needed additional income. It is not difficult to join this program, and we give based on our needs. Soon, I will have an additional source of income and organic fertilizer.”

Herman, Farmer in West Lampung, Kopi Lestari

"I’m very happy to participate in the agroforestry planting program. Soon, I hope I will have an additional income while we can improve our critical environment. Thank you, agroforestry program."

Warso, Farmer in West Lampung, Kopi Lestari