Agroforestry & Regenerative Agriculture, France

Working alongside farmers and cooperatives to support the development of sustainable agronomic practices

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PUR has worked with cereal growers, particularly wheat growers, since 2012. By working with farmers and cooperatives, we support the development of sustainable agronomic practices that preserve soil fertility by limiting soil erosion and promoting biodiversity in and around plots.

Since 2012, PUR has supported 750 farmers in France and planted 770,000 trees.

Developing Sustainable Agricultural Practices

In France, over 150,000 farmers grow soft wheat—the first cereal grown on almost 5 million hectares (50% of the total cereal area). France is the leading soft wheat producer in the EU, with over 6 billion French baguettes produced annually.

Due to the effects of climate change, soft wheat farmers must adapt by implementing regenerative farming practices—hedges, soil cover, reduced ploughing, and flower strips to attract crop auxiliaries—to develop more sustainable agricultural practices and create more resilient food systems.

Boulanger de France & PUR

PUR’s role as a consultant with the National Confederation of French Bakery & Pastry “Boulanger de France” will be to assess the technical feasibility of the proposals and consolidate them to propose a large-scale regeneration project for the soft wheat commodity sector with citizens, farmers, cooperatives and bakers as part of PUR’s French Ici On Sème project.

Regenerating The Ecosystems We All Depend On

Join us in this heartwarming journey with Jérôme, a dedicated farmer and a proud beneficiary of PUR's transformative agroforestry program, Ici On Sème. In his own words, "I have always wanted to plant trees."

What We Do

Founded in 2008, PUR develops projects within our clients’ value chains to regenerate landscapes and protect vital ecosystems. By implementing nature-based solutions (NBS), we help companies reduce their environmental footprint while increasing the resilience of supply chains to climate change.


PUR creates long-term impact by restoring key ecosystem services, while scaling up sustainable practices to support future generations of farmers.

Regenerative agriculture gives producers the tools to take action and be part of a larger solution to the climate crisis — enhancing soil health, increasing biodiversity, and building resilience to major ecological issues like flooding and drought.

About Us

Employing over 190 team members, we work closely with our clients to design and implement nature-based solutions — which are uniquely curated to fit the needs of local partners and sourcing communities.